Who We Are

St. James Lutheran Church has served God in the communities of Stewart Manor, Garden City, and elsewhere for more than 85 years.  Located in Stewart Manor, our mission is to worship, love, and serve our Lord Jesus Christ.  Additional information for first-time visitors is here.   

St. James Lutheran Church of Stewart Manor | 116 Elton Road, Stewart Manor, NY 11530 | 516-352-4099


St. James is an LCMC congregation.  Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ is an association of Lutheran congregations across the country. It trusts the lay people and pastors in its congregations to work out their ministries without much interference or supervision from above.

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About Us

of Stewart Manor

Our History

Started in 1927 as Stewart Manor was being developed, the Lutheran congregation of St. James was a natural home to ethnic Germans leaving Brooklyn and Manhattan. We are now multi-ethnic but still steeped in the Lutheran Tradition.  A more detailed history is here.